Africa – Safari Style is pleased to announce that from 2019 we are now featuring Tanzania in our safari line up. We are delighted to partner with Legendary Expeditions and Chem Chem Safaris who operate top-of-the-line private luxury safari camps in northern Tanzania.

Experience safari perfection at one of Chem Chem Safaris three lodges located in the Burunge Wildlife Management Area nestled between the Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks. An old elephant migratory route, once decimated by poachers, has been loving restored by the owners and today offers spectacular views of the tuskers as they resume their old ways.

Legendary Expeditions operate several beautiful lodges in private concessions neighboring the savannah grasslands of the Serengeti, far from crowds and vehicles. Take an adventure and follow the awesome spectacle of the annual wildebeest migration with their mobile camp. This camp follows the flow of animals and offers spectacular gameviewing, impeccable service and luxurious accommodations, providing a safari of a lifetime.